Dear, Valued Customer.

We’re excited to launch a new membership plan for our valued customers like yourself! This plan allows us to take extra care of your boat on a bi-weekly basis so that all you have to do is “plug ‘n play”. Let us take extra good care of you and your toys the Yami Outboard way!

Plug ‘n Play Care Plan

Monthly membership includes 2 inspections per month and UNLIMITED SERVICE CALLS.
(Additional labor resulting from these inspections is not included in the monthly membership.)

YAMAHA & Seven Marine Maintenance Services


  • Check all float switches
  • Check battery(ies) and battery charger(s)
  • Check GPS
  • Check all pumps
  • Check navigation lights
  • Check general lights
  • Check fuel levels
  • Check water tanks (fresh and salt)
  • Check generator
  • Visual inspection of entire boat
  • Anti-corrosion treatment


  • Check all fluids
  • Check steering and steering pump
  • Check fuel filter(s)
  • Clean throttle body
  • Check system with computer
  • Check propeller(s)
  • Check transmission
  • Start motors
  • Check power trim and tilt
  • Check Helm Master System
  • Anti-corrosion treatment



Planning a long trip? Need fuel? Need ice or snacks? Let us get the boat ready for your trip.
Bi-weekly Cleaning (Boat and Cabin)


Plug 'n Play Care Plan- $10/FT per month
Boat Preparation- Pricing varies per customer’s requests
Bi-Weekly Cleaning- $2.25/FT


Plug 'n Play Care Plan Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership includes two (2) detailed inspections per month and will include the following:
    1. Check all float switches
    2. Check battery/(ies) and battery charger(s)
    3. Check GPS
    4. Check all pumps
    5. Check navigation lights
    6. Check general lights
    7. Check fuel levels
    8. Check water tanks (fresh and salt)
    9. Check generator
    10. Visual inspection of entire boat
    11. Check all fluids
    12. Check steering and steering pump
    13. Check fuel filter(s)
    14. Clean throttle body
    15. Check system with computer for any error codes
    16. Check transmission
    17. Start motors and run for 15 mins
    18. Check power trim and tilt
    19. Check Helm Master System
    Any additional repairs or labor that result from bi-weekly inspections are not included in the monthly membership. An estimate for repairs will be provided for approval. Once estimate is approved, Yami Outboard Marine will be responsible for managing approved work.
  2. Monthly membership fee is due the 1st of every month via Electronic Funds Transfer.
  3. Membership can be canceled at any time with 30-day written notice.
  4. Add-ons are available upon request for an additional cost.
  5. Bi-Weekly cleaning includes basic boat wash and cabin cleaning. Boat detail not included. Available upon request.
  6. Boat preparation add-on varies upon the requests and special circumstances of each individual.
    Must contact Yami Outboard Marine for further information.

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